Collection: Iurvida Ghee

Ghee is almost mythical product that is considered to be essence of local flora. Traditionally, cows will  graze on wild pastures eating grass and herbs, just like honey bees collect nectar from distant flowers. Ghee is sum of all the goodness Cows milk has to offer. We call our Ghee “American Desi” , which translates to “American Local” Ghee.

Desi ghee is prepared with use of Cow’s milk only and processed using heat instead of centrifuged Anhydrous Milk Fat. Due to complexities in processing in a big batch most Ghee available is the market is suspected to be not Real Desi Ghee.

Flavor profile of Ghee varies from one region to another and one house to another, some prefer nutty/smoked nose and others like it bland or neutral. As per Ayurveda good desi Ghee should not have rancid smell and should not taste bitter, it’s color should be gold or bright as gold (Ghee mean to make Bright! in Sanskrit).

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